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✨ Featured Project Ideas ✨

Here are some featured suggestions for projects to tackle in this month’s Wave Pool. Feel free to take and run with them!

General Ideas for Inspiration

Hack a Project! 👩‍💻

Here are some ideas for DeFi-related projects you can take on. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our Use Case overview or hit us up on Discord, we’d be more than happy to help you find the perfect project idea to get started on 😎

🌿 Lens Project Ideas 🌿

For the June Wave Pool, we had $10,000 in bounties for the top projects using Lens with Superfluid. Check out the below page for project ideas! 👇

Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Build a Frontend for one of our example projects

Feel free to get creative with it. If it’s good, we could link people to it for continuous usage!

Streaming Insurance Premiums

Superfluid Lending Pool

Streaming into LP Positions on Uniswap, Sushiswap, Balancer, & More

Streaming Across Multiple Chains: A Streaming Bridge

Stream Manager Service

Payment Default Protection

Borrowing Against Your Stream: Superfluid Credit

Stable Streaming exchange

Perpetual p2p NFT lending with fixed interest

Streaming Options/Perpetuals 🔥

Pay option premium in streams. Our streaming-call-option example is a start (see the Superfluid Examples repo)

Revenue Based Financing

Use something like the Tradeable Cashflow contract to allow subscription based businesses to raise funding based on their existing customer base

Superfluid based ISAs

API Payments Marketplace

Advanced Vesting Contract 🔥

Harberger Tax NFT

An implementation where resources (could be NFTs) are assigned to participants based on a Harberger Tax implementation. Taxes are paid in streams, and in order to take over a property you must pay the previous owner+start a new stream. This double action can be implemented using the Superfluid Batch Calls.

Superfluid as a Way to Generate Revenue for Lens Protocol Creators

NFT Buyout DAOs using IDA

Could make use of the recently built Super Token Fractionalizer, and solve the reconstitution problem

Web3 Recurring Donations/Royalties

A platform for attaching royalties or donations to existing NFTs

Stream-Unlockable NFTs

Stream into a contract and unlock items as amount-streamed rises

NFTBillboard Auction (for Metaverse Billboard Rental)

Whoever streams the most money to an NFT contract controls the message + image rendered for the billboard

DAO Budgeting Using Superfluid Streams & NFTs

Turn our budget NFT contract into a production application that DAOs can use for internal finance ops

Claimable Stream Based on NFT Possession

Make a simple smart contract that lets you claim an inbound Super Token stream based on possession of a certain NFT. Bonus points if you make a frontend for it!

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